Questr is a lighthearted look at what a fantasy RPG would look like in a world with the likes of Tinder


Questr is designed to appeal to players 12 and up and includes something for everyone. From collectors to competitors, and explorers to achievers we’ve designed Questr around a few core design principles that make the game fun for everyone, while not taking itself too seriously.


  • RPG + Tinder = Questr
  • Epic quests need Heroes who need each other.
  • Build your party around personalities to go on grand rouge-like adventures.
  • Epic Quests!
  • Hilarious encounters!
  • Drama!
  • Fish???
  • 6 "Classes"
  • 6 Races
  • 3 Alignments
  • 20+ Personalities (Personalities? Yup! Personalities!)


There are currently no trailers available for Questr. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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Questr Credits

Clarke Steinback
Jeff Underwood
CTO/Creative Director
Nick DiNapoli
2D Artist/Producer
Justin Schwieger
Lead 3D Artis
Steven Vaccari
Lead Programmer