The legends that brought you I Can't Believe It's Not Gambling present... STEAMULATOR 2019. Balance players, developers, money, and morality as you curate all your favorite games in this epic storefront challenge!



Using an accept or deny mechanic, decide what games to allow into your store. Tired of seeing sequel after sequel? Turn them down! It’s all up to you.

Make Hard Choices!

Should your store support Linux users? What about an automatic curation system? Should your company even bother making their own games anymore? All these tough decisions and more await you.


No industry can stay the same forever. Add and remove storefront features as you are presented with fun and interesting choices.

Accept games to your storefront and grow your business. Balance your players, developers, money, and morality to succeed!
Think running this platform is easy? Think you can do it better? Wishlist it today!
*This game does not qualify you in any way to run a business or a gaming platform. Do not use this in your resume when applying for game curation jobs. We will not be a reference for you.


About Mutant Entertainment Studios

Mutant Entertainment Studios is an independent video game studio focusing on niche games
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Clarke Steinback
Jeff Underwood
CTO/Creative Director
Nick DiNapoli
2D Artist/Producer
Justin Schwieger
Technical Designer