A Charming world of Adventure and Mystery

In a charming world full of adventure and mystery, embark on a thrilling adventure in Knighty Night! Solve puzzles! Discover new areas! Face unique enemies! Fight powerful bosses! Can you survive the night? Play Now!


A Knight with a Quest

In Knighty Night you play as a knight with the goal of making it through the night. Not knowing how the knight got here or who he is, you must unravel the story. On your way, you’ll face intriguing puzzles, various enemies and challenging bosses that will test your skill and your ability to make the correct decision!

Unique Areas

Explore 4 different areas with their own unique style and themes. Each area has something new to discover and a different mechanic to master. Get through all 4 areas and you can make it out of the night alive!

Challenging Bosses

Face quirky and goofy bosses and figure out their weaknesses! Each boss holds something new and has spooky attacks. Fight the 9 different bosses within the game, and see if you can come out victorious!

Simple and Engaging Combat

Wield your sword in combat and strike back ghosts that try to face you. Maneuver around enemies to ensure that you are safe from harm's way. Positioning and timing are key to survive the night!


About Golden Ghost Productions

Golden Ghost Productions was founded in 2019 in Chico, CA

About Mutant Entertainment Studios

Mutant Entertainment Studios is an independent video game studio focusing on niche games
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Joshua Burgenger
Project Lead & Game Designer
Brian Farrell
Game Designer & Original Concept
Martin "Tony" Salcedo
Level Designer
Jose Llanos
Level Designer
Kyle Partlow
Lead Programmer
Zach Sullivan
John Runion
Jordan Chapin
3D Modeler
Sarah Broach
3D Modeler
Edgar Garcia Muro
3D Modeler
Brendan Scaramuzzo
3D Modeler
Sarah Munoz
2D Artist
Krys Thao
Jose Juan Uriarte
Lead Animator
Kristian Judy
3D Animator