Hey sports gamers, we heard you like "NOT gambling" in your sports games so we went ahead and took most of the sports out, to give you what we KNOW you all want! More not gambling!!!This is a gambling simulation game (with basketball on the side).


Skip the gameplay!

Not getting enough of a gambling fix in your non-specific sports game of choice? Look no further!

I Can't Believe It's Not Gambling 2(K) is a Slot Machine and gambling simulation game (with basketball on the side). Enjoy all the casino-like fun you might find in a sports games without spending another penny in a game where that sh*t doesn't belong! Instead, you can spend significantly less money in this game and get all the same not gambling thrill!

Features include:

  • Spin Slot Machines and win prizes! *It's totally not us!

  • Earn new skins for your Slot Machines!

  • Unlock new Slot Machines, collect everything

  • Spend Imaginary Money

  • Use Imaginary Credit Cards


About Mutant Entertainment Studios

Mutant Entertainment Studios is an independent video game studio focusing on niche games
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Clarke Steinback
Jeff Underwood
CTO/Creative Director
Nick DiNapoli
2D Artist/Producer
Sarah Broach
3D Artist
Zach Sullivan